How important is Feedback?

Feedback is so important in any aspect of life, if you want to evolve.

We met with our boss recently who has decided to move on and being his last meeting, the meeting owner decided to have a round the table 2-way feedback session.
This meant our boss told us all, one thing to improve on, and we reciprocated.
Now, if only it was this simple, in life to get people to share what they think about you.

Wait, I am not saying all who shared their opinion were honest about it. I felt so, as everyone only had positive things to say about him. He is a good, honest, straight up guy but surely some one would have seen potential to improve in his career, gaps to fill in his personality? Only one girl put in enough effort to be precise, and helpful. I was caught between trying to be PC as well as honest, and kind of muddled the two which may have made me sound vague or weird!

Coming back to the ideal situation, of being able to ask one’s peers for feedback and get it straight-up.

1. The person asking needs to have an introspective approach or at least intention, especially when receiving the feedback.
2. The peers must not come from a place of fear or sycophancy, and should put in enough effort to make it count.
3. The request should be clear whether the feedback is for the past or a constructive criticism for the future.

I am sure there are many other aspects to make it perfect, but these I believe, are key prerequisites for a fulfilling feedback session.
So when you do ask for feedback, whether in personal or professional setting, make sure you think about these 3 points.

Oh and one more thing, practice active listening – which, by the way, was the constructive criticism of yours truly. 😉